In 1999 like many I was dead excited about the AmigaMCC, I liked the idea and what Gateway was trying to do, so I started saving, when I went to the world of Amiga show and saw the AmigaMCC I was hocked line and sinker but as we all know the project got canned. A great shame I feel, I still wanted what is now known a Home Theater PC, but never got around to building one, until now and i started to think back why I wanted a system like this and of course started to think about the AmigaMCC and how it was such a shame that design never did get made, I looked on the net for HTPC case, some look petty good but none as interesting as the MCC, then I decided why not just build the god dam case, so here goes! Discust the Mod on EAB


Firstly this is going to be a PC, i did think about doing it with a Sam460, but I want a Home Theater computer, I Know AMC (that sound familiar) is coming on very nicly for AmigaOs, but I want to able to play Blu Rays, Record Freeview, Stream media around my house and play loads of emulator games this is what i plan the system to do.

Foxconn mini itx H67S -------------- £65
Intel Core i5 2400+ 3.1ghz --------- £150
4Gb DDR3 1333mhz Cor ------------- £25
Liteon Blu Ray x4 -------------------- £33
Samsung 1TB F3 7,200rpm, 32mb --- £40
Tenda Wireless USB n ---------------- £8
Bequite 300w Mini ATX PSU -------- £45
PCTV systems nanoStick T2 290e --- £53
Cables and case costs --------------- £80

TOTAL ____________________________ £499



Photos and blog of the build as it goes.

Jan 30th 2011

Order the tech and started to Plan it out

3d Plan to see if I need small hard drive or dvd drive, my guess is i dont, I hope

Feb 2nd 2011

The tech arrives

Final Plans FRONT and BACK - Warning to scale so large image

Final Plans FROM ABOVE - Warning to scale so large image

Final plans, base wood bought, blu ray drive has not arrived yet, plus out tomorrow, so wont be working on it, but I've got All Day Friday and Saturday so hope to get quite far in them days.

Feb 4th 2011

Above, work begins, sorry about the poor quality. These are picture of the base and back part which I might leave straight to make it a little easyier.

Feb 5th 2011

can you tell what it is yet? A lot of standing work is ahead! But I think its looking good so far.

Feb 9th 2011

Making sure everything fits

I think I'm slowly getting their

Feb 15th 2011

Painting starts, I think the lid may be needs a little adjustment, I decided to have a matt finish, rather than a glossy one. but its very close to completion.

Feb 24th 2011

Very nearly finished, just a bit more work to the front and adding Amiga logo on the top. I've also uploaded a video, expect another one when the project finished.





Discust the Mod on EAB